[EP] “God Alone” – Gifty Ovire

Renowned Nigerian gospel singer, songwriter, and vocal powerhouse, Gifty Ovire, unveils her latest album project titled “God Alone.” This remarkable collection of ten soul-stirring tracks is a heartfelt celebration of God’s unmatched love, unwavering sovereignty, and divine wisdom.

The album showcases Gifty’s extraordinary talent and features captivating lead singles like “God Alone,” “We Worship You,” and “You Bring The Sun Out” (featuring Ebony Monifa, Kushon & DJ Finess), among others.

In Gifty’s own words, “The album is a testament to the divine presence of God’s sounds that heal and breathe life into every facet of our existence. Each song narrates a story, embodies a testimony, and serves as a jubilant acknowledgment of God’s supreme authority. This album caters to all, inviting each listener to find their unique connection.”

Indeed, “God Alone” embarks on a transformative journey, offering an intimate communion with the Father through its varied melodies and messages. With tracks such as “You Are Great,” “Oh Lord You Reign,” and “I Will Rejoice,” Gifty’s album resonates with experiences of faith, triumph, and reverence.

The album’s versatility shines through in versions like “You Bring The Sun Out (House)” and “You Bring The Sun Out (R & B),” both featuring collaborations with Ebony Monifa, Kishon, and DJ Finess.

As you embark on this musical voyage with Gifty Ovire, be prepared to be uplifted, inspired, and drawn into a deeper connection with God through the powerful melodies of “God Alone.”

1. We worship you
2. You Bring The Sun Out feat. Ebony Monifa
3. You Are Great
4. God Alone
5. Oh Lord You Reign
6. Lord I Hunger For Your Holiness
7. I Will Rejoice
8. I Am Victorious
9. You Bring The Sun Out (House) feat. Kishon, DJ Finess
10. You Bring The Sun Out (R & B) feat. Ebony Monifa


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