[VIDEO & AUDIO] “There is Power in the Name of Jesus” – Victorious Jessy

Minister Victorious Jessy serves as a poignant reminder of the immeasurable authority at our disposal when we invoke the name of Jesus. Her latest worship composition, “There is Power in the Name of Jesus,” resonates with the profound truth of Christ’s supremacy.

In Philippians 2:9, Paul’s declaration that Jesus holds the highest name underscores the unparalleled superiority and might that the name embodies. Jesus’ supremacy transcends all other names, making it a beacon of unparalleled power and authority.

The name of Jesus Christ is a wellspring of extraordinary potency, eclipsing all others. This name possesses the remarkable capacity to fulfill the needs of a Christian on Earth. Regrettably, many fail to grasp the immense power residing within this name, leading to their defeat on the spiritual battlefield.

Hailing from Nigeria but currently residing in Europe, Victorious Jessy channels divine inspiration as a songwriter and stands as a fervent devotee of Christ. Her affiliation with the Remnant Christian Network Ministry International further solidifies her dedication to faith and ministry. Through her music, she echoes the transformative message of Christ’s omnipotence and our unwavering authority through His name.

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