[VIDEO & AUDIO] “New Song” – Joshua Oyetunde

After a brief intermission from the music scene, Joshua Oyetunde, a dedicated minister, is making a resounding comeback with a fresh and rejuvenating sound titled “New Song”. As a special birthday offering, he presents a novel composition that embodies both novelty and vitality. This new melody marks the commencement of an album project, which will encompass a series of live recordings, promising a revitalizing musical journey.

Reflecting on the inception of this new song, Joshua shares that the inspiration came from Psalm 40:1-3, a passage that he transformed into a melodious creation years ago. Initially, it was a mere Biblical verse set to music. However, over time, he experienced his own share of life’s challenges and trials. Despite these hardships, he acknowledges that the Lord’s intervention was conspicuous, leading him out of the metaphorical pits and demonstrating His active presence.

This newly introduced sound holds a profound intention. Joshua hopes that as this song reaches your ears, it will resonate with the power to terminate any pit-like experiences in your life. With faith and aspiration, he believes that the melody serves as an instrument through which the listeners’ challenges will yield to divine intervention, just as his own experiences have attested.

Joshua Oyetunde’s musical revival is indeed a testament to the boundless grace and providence of God. Through his rejuvenated sound, he extends an invitation to all to witness the transformative influence of faith, music, and the unwavering presence of the Divine.

See the video below;


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